Our Services

We specialize in flower bouquets (vases, reception table decorations and baskets) with FREE delivery in Phuket, as well as designing and crafting arrangements for weddings and other big events. Our flowers are fresh, hand-picked and both local and imported and we use them to create one of a kind breath-taking pieces.

The act of sending and receiving flowers is deeply intimate and holds a lot of meaning for both sides involved. With our florist expertise and vivid imagination, we can help you create the best personalized and unique bouquet, centerpiece or arrangement, be it simple and classic or fun, imaginative and modern.

Whether you need flowers for an occasion or you would simply like to share your love and joie de vivre with your beloved ones, we will ensure that your unique bouquet communicates your exact desires!

For more information on the events we are able to beautify with our flowers, please check the ‘Events’ section.

Allow your flowers to tell a story from your heart!

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